Our industry is changing. Our relationship with our member owners is changing. And almost 500 CEOs and more than 15,000 co-op employees are eligible to retire within the next five years. In order to keep up with the latest industry trends, technologies and best practices as well as manage the turnover in your workforce, your co-op needs an educated and connected workforce. Co-op staff need to master various core competencies and skills to perform their jobs successfully and in turn serve their members successfully.

NRECA offers a host of co-op specific, competency-based education programs and events designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and complex electric utility industry.

Education Programs

Competency Frameworks and Assessments

  • NRECA has developed comprehensive competency frameworks for electric cooperative employees and directors to help identify the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed in their roles.

  • NRECA offers leadership skills assessments and a director education assessment to help employees and directors understand which courses and events would be most appropriate for them based on their individual learning needs.

Supplemental Resources and Planning Tools

  • This ROI guide is designed to help co-ops get their money's worth on any educational program investment.

  • Governance Talk is a series of short educational videos on a variety of governance topics available to directors, CEOs, attorneys and senior staff.

  • Tracey's Takeaways is series of articles written by Tracey Steiner, NRECA's senior vice president for education and training, focusing on employee development, management issues, leadership and organizational culture.

  • Our director education and staff and executive education catalogs provide details on all of NRECA's educational programs.

  • Our rate guides for NRECA conferences & meetings, on-site training and programs offered at the Fluno Center for Executive Education will help you plan your co-op's professional development for the current or coming year.

More Resources

All of these and more co-op specific professional development resources are available on our Conferences & Education overview page.

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