We understand the unique challenges you face. Since 1959, Federated has insured electric and telephone cooperatives exclusively and continuously. We don’t jump into the market to maximize profit or cancel coverage to minimize losses. Also, many of our staff members were employed by cooperatives before working for Federated. This strong connection gives us an unprecedented grasp of the risks and liabilities confronting cooperative utilities.

You can access information to help you prevent accidents before they happen at Just log in to our website and click on “Loss Reports.” You can track your co-op’s losses by dollar amounts and type of claim, and compare your safety record to co-op throughout your state. Updates to the data are done in real time, so you get the most current information possible on property loss, automobile accidents, workers’ compensation and other areas. You’ll be able to pinpoint areas in your organization where training or equipment changes may help you avoid a costly accident and downtime.

We can assess your risk exposure and help you decide how to protect your investment in new technologies. As your cooperative moves into energy-efficient technologies, we can help you evaluate the risk they represent and how a loss could impact your co-op. Because Federated insures over 80 percent of all co-ops in the United States, we are prepared to help you protect your investment in solar energy, wind-generated power, Smart Grid technologies and other areas.

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