​​​​​​​​​Willie Wiredhand was created by Andrew McClay Oct. 30, 1950. McClay, a former entomologist, worked as a freelance artist for NRECA.

Willie Wiredhand Ornament

Staff on NRECA’s flagship ​publication, RE Magazine, thought McClay’s cartoon would serve as a graphical representation of a farmer’s hired hand. McClay took ownership of the idea, and “Willie the Wired Hand” was born. The name was later shortened to “Willie Wiredhand.”

NRECA’s membership chose Willie to represent electric cooperatives in 1951. Since then, Willie has been a distinguished and well-loved mascot in electric cooperative communities. Ornaments and figurines are available each year for purchase. You'll find them in the homes of our most avid Willie Wiredhand collectors across the country!

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For guidelines on use of the Willie Wirehand mark, please see NRECA's Willie Wirehand Usage G​uide (PDF).