​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stretch your co-op’s training dollars by bringing training directly to your co-op, G&T, and/or Statewide.
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Brianne McIntyre
Coco Hemenway

NOTE: Courses, fees and their availability (in-person and online) subject to change.

Co-op Employee Education​​​

Cooperative Career Essentials Program (CCEP) — NEW!
- Capacities vary, inquire for details.
- Online CCEP courses are either self-paced, instructor-guided or live.​​​​​​

In-person delivery Online delivery
5101.1 Cooperative Finance & Accounting for the Non-Accountant
Technology Planning and Decision Making

Not Available
5201.1 Creating a Culture of Accountability $6,400
​Making Safety YOUR Business: Every Person. Every Action. Every Day.
​Not Available
Customer Service Essentials​$6,400
Navigating Emotions in the Workplace: Transforming Your Relationships
Working Skillfully With Conflict to Create More Ease, Mutual Respect and Collaboration
​Communicating to Influence: Gain Support that Gets Results (half-day)
​See Note Below
Not Available​​
​Improve Your Relationships: Strategies to Overcome Challenging Behavio​r and People (half-day)
​See Note Below
​Not Available
​Getting Comfortable Giving and Receiving Feedback (half-day)
​​Note: The 5306.05 and 5307.05 can be delivered on the same day (non-concurrently) for $6,400.

Supervisor and Manager Development Program (SMDP)
- In-person courses have a recommended class size of 10-35 participants.
- In-person courses will incur a $75 per person fee for class sizes over 50 participants.
​- There are two types of SMDP online courses. Self-paced, instructor-guided SMDP online courses are hosted on our learning management system (LMS) and held over a 30-day timeframe in which participants must review all course content, complete all written assignments, and participate in online discussions to receive credit. Live, instructor-led SMDP online courses are delivered on a web conferencing platform in two live online sessions over two days. To receive credit for these live, instructor-led online courses, participants must attend both sessions.

Course capacity for either type of online course is 25 participants​.​​​
I​n-person delivery Online delivery
710.1 Stepping into Your Supervisory Role: Learning to Lead$6,400
$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)
711.1 Everyone Communicates; Few Connect: Tools for Bridging the Gap $6,400
$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)
712.1 You Can’t Do It Alone: Building a Strong Team $6,400
$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)
713.1​Engaging and Developing High-Performing Employees: Bringing Out Their Best ​$6,400$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)
​714.1Change is Hard: Guiding Your Team through Complex Times$6,400
$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)​
​715.1Building Your Co-op’s Culture: The Supervisor’s Role$6,400​Not Available
​716.1Time Management and Productivity Toolkit for Supervisors $6,400
​Not Available
​717.1​Know the Rules: Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities for Supervisors $6,400$6,400 (Self-Paced, Instructor-Guided)
​718.1​Personal Communication Styles: Who You Are and How You Impact Others $6,400
​$6,400 (Live, Instructor-Led)
​719.1​Building Trust in the Workplace​$6,400$6,400 (Live, Instructor-Led)
​720.1​Transforming Your Team from Dysfunction to Cohesion$6,400
$6,400 (Live, Instructor-Led) Coming in 2022
​721.1​Productive Conflict for Supervisors​$6,400​Not Available (Live, Instructor-Led) Coming in 2022
​722.1​Deliberate Decision Making​
$6,400 ​(Live, Instructor-Led) Coming in 2022
723.1Team Dynamics​​
$6,400 (Live, Instructor-Led) Coming in 2022
​​724.1​Restoring Emotional Safety and​ Trust in the Workplace
​$6,400​​Not Available
​ Key Accounts​
I​n-person delivery Online delivery
Managing Your Electric Cooperative’s Key Accounts
(two-day course)
$12,800Not Available
Advanced Key Account Management
$6,400 Not Available

Director Education​​​

Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD)
- In-person courses have a recommende​d class size of 10-35 participants.
- In-person courses will incur a $75 per person fee for class sizes over 50 participants.
​- Online CCD courses have a recommended class size of up to 30 participants.​
- Online CCD courses are​ delivered in two sessions over two consecutive days.​

In-person deliveryOnline delivery

2600 Director Duties and Liabilities$6,400
2610Understanding the Electric Business$6,400 $5,575
2620Board Operations and Process$6,400
​2630Strategic Planning​$6,400 $5,575
​2640Financial Decision Making​$6,400 $5,575
​​ ​
Board Leadership Certificate (BLC)
- In-person courses have a recommended class size of 10-35 participants. Courses 951.1, 952.1, 956.1, and 959.1 have a course capacity of 35.
- In-person courses will incur a $75 per person fee for class sizes over 50 participants.​
- Online BLC courses have a recommended class size of up to 30 participants. Courses 951.1 and 952.1 have a course capacity of 30 participants.
- Online BLC courses will be delivered in two sessions over two consecutive days.​​

In-person delivery​​ Online delivery
914.1Cooperative Communications and Public Opinion$6,400 $5,575​
943.1Conversation Skills Outside the Boardroom$6,400
Not Available
​944.1Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback​$6,400Not Available
​956.1Crucial Conversations in the Boardroom$6,400 ​plus $250 per person for materialsNot Available
​​Cooperative Busines​s Model​​ ​ ​
Cooperative Fundamentals, Legacy and Economic Impact​$6,400 $5,575
919.1Cooperative Structure: A Strategic Advantage​$6,400 $5,575
​Financial​ ​ ​
Rate Making Strategies and Policy Decisions for Electric Cooperative Boards​$6,400
975.1Capital Credits Issues and Decisions​$6,400

Equity Management and Boardroom Decision Making​$6,400 $5,575
​Rules and Procedures for Effective Board Meetings$6,400​Not Available
​The Role of the Board Chair in Conducting Effective Meetings$6,400
​Not Available
​Assessing Governance: Taking a Continuous Improvement Approach to Governing Your Co-op$6,400$5,575
Co-op Bylaws: Guiding Principles and Current Issues$6,400
​Current Governance Issues in Policy Development$6,400$5,575
Ethics and Governance: Implementing the New Accountability$6,400
Appraising and Compensating the CEO$6,400$5,575
​Developing Effective Boardroom Decision-Making$6,850$6,850
Increasing Influence and Building Board Consen​sus​​$6,850
​Improving Board Decision Making Quality$6,400
Your Board’s Culture: Its Impact on Effectiveness$6,400$5,575
​957.1​How to Evaluate and Improve Board Performance$6,400
​Succession Planning: Developing the Purpose-Driven Organization$6,400$5,575
​Connecting Governance Theory and Action​
​Not Available
​Governance Challenges of the Evolving Distribution Cooperative$6,400$5,575
Power Supply
​The Evolution of Electric Cooperative Power Supply$6,400$5,575
​Communicating the New Energy Landscape$6,400$5,575
​​​Risk Management
Risk Oversight: The Board’s Role in Risk Management $6,400$5,575
Cybersecurity: The Board's Oversight Role​$6,400$5,575​
​​​For more information ​on these courses and how you can bring training to your co-op, G&T and/or statewide visit​​

For in-person courses, a second course booked on back-to-back days with the same instructor will be discounted by $500. One day courses offered over two-days will incur an increased cost of $2,000.​