The Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the largest energy consumers worldwide and the single largest energy consumer in the United States. Several cooperatives work closely with U.S. military installations, providing electricity and partnering on projects.

With the recent release of the Request for Information from the Defense Logistics Agency/United States Air Force, now is a perfect time to discuss new opportunities for partnership with the military.

View NRECA's response to the Request for Information.

Cooperatives are well-positioned to support their local DoD installations and help fulfill their ambitious energy assurance goals. Through these efforts, cooperatives can:

  • Leverage their existing contracts and/or compete for new contracts with local military installations
  • Strategically work with the DoD to the benefit of the electric cooperative community
  • Apply lessons learned from fellow cooperatives and their DoD counterparts already competing in this space to align themselves with the nation's largest single consumer of energy
  • Utilize existing knowledge, resources, and relationships unique to cooperatives to position themselves to lead Energy as a Service (EaaS) programs for many DoD installations

Due to DoD rules and procedures, these projects can be particularly complex. NRECA will continue to update this page with relevant resources.

View a map illustrating where cooperatives have existing contracts with military installations.

View our related Member Advisory: Electric Cooperatives and Opportunities For Working with the Military (April 2018)

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NRECA is in the process of creating a listserv to discuss military topics. Please contact NRECA for more information.