You can take care of business conveniently at File a claim, check on claim status, search your own loss history and compare your system’s losses to state losses by lines of business. You can download sample “hold harmless” wording, applications for coverage and renewal of coverage, tree-trimming certification and other helpful forms. You can also request certificates of insurance. Just log in to find the information you need.

Our Web-based Safety Knowledgebase offers resource materials exclusively for members. You have access to online self-study courses, as well as facilitated training modules for groups or stand-alone study. Our resource library covers a range of topics, from Leadership Training Principles, DOM Responsibilities and Liabilities to Accident Investigation. New resources are added regularly to, so be sure to check back often.

You can count on us for strategies to help you control risk and reduce accidents. Federated is the only insurance carrier serving this market, with a fully staffed Safety and Loss Prevention Department. This allows us to take a hands-on, one-to-one approach in analyzing your cooperative’s risks and in helping you plan to address exposures. We’ve also developed innovative programs aimed at reducing accidents, including our Culture of Safety program and our Strategy Labs.