​The National Cooperative Services Corporation (NCSC), a privately-funded, member-owned cooperative, began operation in 1981. NCSC provides electric cooperatives with specialized financing services that supplement those of CFC. Together, the two organizations provide an extensive array of financial products and services that offer value to their members..

NCSC is governed by an 10​-member board of directors from the electric cooperative network and operates under a management services agreement with CFC. NCSC provides:

  • Financing to support for-profit subsidiaries of electric cooperatives

  • Solutions to help cooperatives run their businesses more efficiently

  • Transitional and permanent financing for acquisitions and other special projects

  • Financing for cooperative partners

NCSC obtains funding through loans from CFC or from the capital markets under a CFC guarantee. NCSC provides financing at competitive rates, including short- and long-term loans with fixed or variable interest rates for periods ranging from one month to 30 years, and working lines of credit for up to five years. In addition to its standard programs, NCSC provides customized loans tailored to the specific needs of a particular project.

For more information, visit NCSC's website.