​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NRECA is committed to assisting electric cooperatives address the learning and development challenges of a rapidly changing industr​​y and workforce. The electric co-op employee and director competency models are comprehensive and evolving resources that reflect the knowledge, skills and abilities co-op directors and employees need to effectively carry out their responsibility to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity to their members.

Employee CompetenciesDirector Competencies

NRECA Competency-Based Education Programs

NRECA education programs are designed to address content and skills practice that are relevant and transferrable to the boardroom and workplace. NRECA’s competency models recognize the uniqueness of each role within each co-op. Co-op’s are encouraged to modify and adapt these models to reflect their own co-op culture, priorities and distinct learning needs.

Match Your Co-op’s Professional Development Needs with Learning Opportunities

  1. Review the competencies and identify those that are relevant to your co-op and/or your role.
  2. Determine which competency areas are a priority and/or reflect a learning opportunity.
  3. Identify learning opportunities that link to that competency. These can include courses, conferences and meetings, online learning, and certificate programs.​


For information about using competencies for identifying learning needs and selecting education...

Charu Gupta, Representative, Event Program Planning & Operations