Choice and flexibility are essential elements of NRECA's education and events strategy as we continue to design and deliver high quality learning experiences to help our members – from frontline employees to senior leaders, CEOs and co-op directors – achieve professional development goals. Keeping pace with member preferences we have expanded our portfolio to include more online learning options.

NRECA's expanded online learning program includes courses, conferences, meetings and certificate programs.

In addition to the benefits you’ll receive from participating in any of NRECA’s educational programs, our online offerings also allow you to:

  • Coordinate your learning plans with your full-time work.
  • Earn a certificate, attend a conference and take courses without setting foot in a physical classroom.
  • Easily access learning programs from your office, home … wherever
  • Interact with co-op employees from across the U.S.

How NRECA Online Learning Works


Our online-only educational programs are delivered in two ways:

Self-paced–This is content where registration is accessible during a designated time period, and you can work at your own pace. Self-paced learning content can be:

  • On-Demandrecorded material you can access and consume at your own pace within a set period of time.


  • Instructor-Guideda mixture of recorded material accessed on your own schedule, with assignments due at certain times, instructor feedback and grading.

Live–This is where information is delivered by a facilitator(s) at a certain date and time (i.e. , course, workshops, conference, meeting, webinar or web conference).


We also offer programs that leverage both the online and in-person formats.

  • Hybrid—Choose the format that works best for you: Attend in-person or online via live streaming or recorded sessions.

  • Blended—The delivery formats are both in-person and online, not either/or. Program content is delivered online and other content is delivered in-person. In a blended program, the participant attends/participates in both program delivery methods.

Explore all of our online offerings using the ‘online’ filter option on our Browse All, Conferences & Meetings, Courses or Certificate Program pages. And of course, our Webinars & Web Conferences are always online.