As part of NRECA Research's Rural Area Distributed Wind Integration Network Development project, RADWIND, this series of case studies highlights the experience of electric cooperatives and rural public power districts deploying or interconnecting distributed wind resources. These cover various use-cases and scales of projects to provide real-world examples to assist other cooperatives and rural utilities who are considering distributed wind as a resource, either on its own or in combination with other distributed energy resources.

This effort is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through the Wind Energy Technology Office (WETO), under Award Number DE-EE0008958.0001.

Locations of the Cooperatives Featured in RADWIND Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Adams Electric Cooperative (IL) - April 2023
    Providing members with local renewable energy by deploying two front-of-meter wind turbines in separate locations, connected to a co-op's distribution grid.

  • Cuming County Public Power District (NE) - July 2021
    How a public power partnership with a local developer benefits an agricultural community in Nebraska.

  • Fox Islands Electric Cooperative (ME) - July 2021
    Generating local wind energy and resiliency for two Maine island communities.

  • Homer Electric Association (AK) - July 2021
    Net metering for member-owned distributed wind.

  • Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative (IA) - March 2021
    CREBs, corn, and community: How a pioneering wind project was made possible by favorable financing, ethanol plant industrial substations, and a co-op's perseverance and partnerships.

  • Kotzebue Electric Association (AK) - November 2021
    Replacing diesel fuel with a wind hybrid system in Alaska's Arctic Tundra.

  • Lake Region Electric Cooperative (MN) - May 2021
    Renewable energy and rate stabilization from an innovative wind-solar hybrid system.

  • Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative (IL) - May 2021
    Front-of-meter wind turbine connected to the co-op's distribution grid: How coal formed the foundation for a distributed wind energy project in rural Illinois

  • San Isabel Electric Cooperative (CO) - November 2021
    How a southern Colorado distribution cooperative fulfills its state requirements and its mission with distributed wind.

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