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Teams are the backbone of electric cooperatives. High-performing teams ensure employee safety, provide superior member service, keep costs down and ultimately provide reliable electricity to your members. Being an effective leader of a team requires the ability to leverage a wide range of personalities, skills and abilities. As a supervisor, you must be able to analyze and capitalize on team strengths, work with diverse styles and create an environment that builds collaboration. This course will teach you how to create and lead your team, identify and address team strengths and dysfunction, evaluate your team’s performance and create an action plan for your team’s continuous improvement.
  • Set expectations and goals for your team and its work to align with your co-op's mission.
  • Explain the developmental stages that all teams go through and discuss techniques for maximizing team performance in each stage.
  • Recognize your team member type, its strengths and pitfalls, and the impact each team member type has on the team
  • Assess your team's culture and the impact it has on the team's effectiveness.
  • Recognize the role that trust has in team effectiveness and practice techniques for building trust among your team members.
  • Establish a process of continuous improvement and evaluation for your team's activities.

  • Stages of team development
  • Four-step process for setting, monitoring and supporting expectations of team members
  • Impact of culture on teams
  • Building trust among team members
  • Team member type assessment
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Employee motivation


Read what previous You Can't Do It Alone: Building a Strong Team – Online participants have to say about their experience.

"There was a lot of good information that is relatable and I can easily take and use not only for my job at the cooperative, but in other aspects of my life as well. There are things that I found I need to work on as a supervisor. There are some approaches to teams that I plan on putting to practice on future/current projects."

-Eric Sell, Manager of Information Systems, McLeod Cooperative Power, Glencoe, Minnesota

"In all honesty, I got more out of this course than what I did in the classroom-style supervisory courses. I was able to work at my own pace, review the previous sections as I needed and received tools and resources to download and refer to in the future. On a personal note, I liked to not have to be away from my family and the office as I would have been to take this course offsite. This course helps you to see who you are as a team leader and member. It shows you the different styles that team members have and gives you advice to work with your team throughout all stages of a project. I want to discuss with my CEO to have all office employees and any outside employees who are going to be a team member on a project to take the team member style assessment."
-Stacy Hilliard, Communications and Marketing Manager, REA Energy Cooperative, Inc., Indiana, Pennsylvania


Supervisor and Manager Development Program


NRECA – 1 credit

CEU – 0.6 credits





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Please note: Each participant will be given access to the course during the specified course dates. All coursework and assignments must be completed during that time in order to pass the course and gain credit. Those who complete all of the requirements will earn one (1) course credit towards the SMDP. Should coursework not be completed and turned in by the last date of the course, the participant will need to re-register the course and complete the remaining assignments in order to earn credit. Subsequent registration will be at full price.


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