​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This competency-based self-assessment provides individualized summaries of strengths, areas for development and recommended learning opportunities. Your results can lay the foundation for and guide professional development planning.

Supervisory, Management and Leadership Competencies

The assessment will ask you to respond to specific questions pertaining to each of NRECA's Supervisor, Management and Leadership competency areas:

  • Governance and Strategy
  • External Leadership
  • Getting Results
  • Working With and Through Others
  • Doing the Right Thing

General Information and Guidance

  • Use the links below to take either or both of the 10-minute assessments.
    • There are twenty-four assessment items. To complete and get results, you will need to answer each item.
    • You will not be able to save results along the way.
    • You can complete the assessment as many times as you want, even for the same employee.
  • Results are emailed to you a few minutes after completing the assessment. Your individual results are not shared.
  • Consider meeting and discussing results with your supervisor​. If your supervisor took the Assess Your Employee's Skills​ version​, it may be helpful to compare your summaries.
  • Research and identify development activities and learning opportunities that address areas of development and bolster strengths.

Take The Assessment

Supporting Resources

If you have questions or comments about the survey, your results, or the competency model, please contact: ​​

Gary Pfann