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The Robert I. Kabat Management Internship Program (MIP) is a comprehensive, six-week program, broken into three blended learning units, that provides in-depth analysis of the functions and processes of co-op management. More importantly, it emphasizes practical applications of these key competencies. Onsite portions of the MIP are held in the Fluno Center for Executive Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. This executive training facility offers business leaders and corporate teams a dynamic learning experience in a world-class environment.

The Management Internship Program Certificate (MIP) is earned by completing all three units (Unit A, Unit B, Unit C) and completing and presenting the results of a individual project that applies some of the MIP classroom learning experience to issues at your cooperative.

Program Objectives
  • Develop understanding and skills across multiple functional areas within the co-op and an appreciation for how the work of each area impacts the functioning of the entire organization
  • Gain exposure to key roles and responsibilities associated with executive level leadership
  • Gain an appreciation for your leadership and management style, strengths and weaknesses
  • Foster a more strategic view of critical cooperative needs for delivering high value utilizing a comprehensive planning framework
Why Should You Attend this Program?

Strenghthen Your Network
Participants describe MIP's comprehensive course content as high quality and challenging, helping them better understand the mix of functions necessary for cooperative success. But they also stress how much they benefit from idea sharing and networking with their classmates from across the country. Thanks to comments like these, the agenda is enriched with group activities and exercises that support the national MIP and cooperative networks.

Apply Your Learning to add Value
As a participant, you will have the chance to apply what you've learned in two projects: 1) a small-group project, and 2) an individual project. You will most likely be able to complete the small group project while in Madison working with select colleagues. The individual project is completed at home and is designed to benefit you and your organization through the application of concepts and tools gained in the classroom. Results of both projects will be shared with the class.

Who Should Participate

New CEOs/general managers, CFOs, COOs, vice presidents, and others in, or aspiring to, a co-op senior leadership role.

If you're not sure MIP is right for you, we invite you to take the Leadership Skills Assessment. Drawn from the Electric Cooperative Employee Competency models, our new Leadership Skills Assessment was designed to help you understand which of NRECA's supervisory, management and leadership courses and events may be most appropriate for you. Learn more.


MIP Select incorporates select modules of the MIP at a scope and competency level that will help attendees develop important skills and abilities to lead them to success.

To learn more about the distinct characteristics of each program, please review this comparison chart (PDF).

Below are two examples where the MIP and MIP Select differ in scope and competency levels:


  • MIP: Strategic thinking and execution are both explored and developed in the MIP. Focus is placed not only on identifying and defining strategic initiatives but also on execution of those initiatives.

  • MIP Select: The strategy module will focus on change/risk management and implementation of strategic initiatives via daily operations and goals.


  • MIP: The focus is on power supply issues and approaches, including a thorough examination of the history of cooperative power supply, distributed energy resources, G&Ts, All Requirements Contract issues and risk as well as managing a power portfolio in a dynamic market.

  • MIP Select: This module concentrates on G&Ts and their role in the market, risks associated with supply and All Requirements Contract issues.

How to Participate in this Program

All onsite portions are held at the Fluno Center for Executive Education, a state of the art facility built specifically for adult education, located in Madison, Wisconsin. With a blended learning format, some modules and academic work will be conducted in a virtual learning environment. In other words, you'll be taking part of the program from HOME, saving time away and related expenses.


The health and safety of our members, staff and event participants is an enterprise-wide priority at NRECA. Therefore, until further notice, we are instituting the changes and procedures described in this document at all of our in-person conferences, meetings, and events. Please take a couple of minutes to read what we’re doing, what changes you can expect to see in our face-to-face meetings and conferences, and what we’re asking you to do to reduce the risk of becoming infected with or spreading COVID-19 while attending our events.

Looking to Earn Credit?

The Management Internship Program Certificate (MIP) is comprised of 189 CPE (Business Management & Organization). Learn more.





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The Fluno Center for Executive Education, located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, will put you within easy access to many of the popular restaurants and entertainment spots.
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For the 2021-2022 MIP, the total tuition will be $12,000. NRECA bills this fee in three increments as Units A, B and C occur. For most co-ops, this spreads the tuition across two budget years.

Fees include all faculty and instruction, training materials, onsite breakfast, graduation banquet and select meals, daily morning and afternoon snacks and refreshments.


  • Business Acumen
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Problem Solving
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  • Governance and Strategy
  • External Leadership
  • Getting Results
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