NRECA offers America’s electric cooperatives a full range of products and services to enhance reliability, improve operations and drive innovation. We strive to be a trusted advisor on trends affecting operations, technology planning, consumer expectations and policy, all with an eye toward making the most cost-effective use of your co-op’s resources. By leveraging strategic relationships with government partners and technology innovators, NRECA develops turnkey solutions that allow co-ops to focus on the resiliency and efficiency of their business without sacrificing reliability, customer satisfaction, safety and affordability.

Power Supply

NRECA’s Reliability Benchmarking Group created a web app that allows co-ops to quickly and accurately calculate System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI). The free, web-based resource analyzes outage data, compares co-ops across the country and provides real-time data through special tools in the program.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Defense, NRECA developed ESSENCE, an innovative solution to monitor the grid and help co-ops identify atypical behavior resulting from disasters like earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes or cyberattacks.

Through federally-funded cybersecurity research and partnerships with public and private stakeholders, NRECA creates products and services that help co-ops prepare for existing and potential threats to the reliability and security of their co-op.


The National Discounts Program offers NRECA members product and service discounts at participating retailers through negotiated discounts with nearly 100 nationally-recognized companies that offer co-ops savings on vehicles, equipment and more.

Workforce Development

NRECA is a co-founder of the Energy Providers Coalition on Education (EPCE), which entitles members to discounted tuition on EPCE-sponsored online education. Programs are fully-accredited and lead to valuable credentials like certificates and undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Through the Rural Cooperative Cybersecurity Capabilities Program (RC3), co-ops have access to education and training tools that enhance the cybersecurity awareness and capabilities of co-op staff.

Not only does an intense focus on safety save lives, it also saves co-ops money. NRECA provides safety resources to help co-ops prevent workplace incidents, establish a safety culture and continue to provide affordable and reliable service to consumer-members.

NRECA’s Cooperative Career Center is a simple, cost-effective way to enhance co-ops’ recruiting efforts. It provides co-ops with targeted access to a diverse set of qualified candidates and helps job seekers quickly and easily find job listings that match their skillset.

Technology Planning

In 2000, NRECA pioneered MultiSpeak® – the leading software interoperability standard for electric utilities that significantly saves co-ops money by simplifying custom software integrations.

The Open Modeling Framework is an enhanced modeling tool that evaluates the cost and benefits of smart grid components and supports co-op investment decision-making. Using real-world data, it incorporates engineering, weather, financial and other data specific to the co-op.

NRECA embarked on a four-year study focused on reducing costs and identifying and addressing barriers to solar PV deployment called the SUNDA project. As a result, NRECA developed a suite of tools and resources to help co-ops at every stage of the deployment process.


Straight Talk offers ready-made, customizable content to support co-ops’ external and internal communications. This popular resource provides members with graphics, articles and social media tools that they can personalize and use in their print and digital communications, allowing co-ops to do more with less.

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