The Open Modeling Framework ( is a software development effort led by NRECA with a goal of making advanced power systems models usable in the electric cooperative community. Conceptualized by NRECA Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Miller, addresses the lack of versatile modeling tools that would enable utilities to evaluate smart grid components using real-world data prior to purchase. This enhanced modeling tool can support co-op investment decision-making by modeling the cost and benefits and incorporating engineering, weather, financial and other data specific to the co-op. provides common data models, configuration management tools, run execution, and visualization capabilities for use with multiple models, including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Gridlab-D and the National Renewable Energy Lab’s System Advisor Model.

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Learn about and how to get started building and deploying new models on the framework. Presented by NRECA's David Pinney, Principal Analytical Tools & Software Products.

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