Materials from the Solar Utility Network Deployment Acceleration (SUNDA) project, which ran from September 2013 through April 2018, focus on helping to lower the barriers to entry for co-ops interested in owning solar PV.

These materials are based upon work supported by the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory under Award Number DE-EE0006333.

SUNDA Materials

The project team with the help of the participating co-ops developed a number of tools and resources that help cooperatives get up-to-speed on solar. These tools are organized based on the phase of the project from initial conceptualization to design, implementation, service offering and member engagement:

  1. Just Beginning
  2. Project Scoping
  3. Learning More
  4. Detailed Planning
  5. Building Consensus

In addition, the project enabled peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices with respect to land acquisition and system deployment, business models that work for co-ops, options for offering community-solar, and more.

Additional materials developed through the SUNDA project are available in the Topics area of this website under Topics > Power Supply & Wholesale Markets > Solar.

SUNDA Participants and Deployments

NRECA partnered on the SUNDA project with the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC), National Renewable Cooperative Organization (NRCO), Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, CoBank, PowerSecure, and the17 co-ops list below.

Co-op project partners installed more than 20 MW of utility-owned solar PV. Typical projects ranged in size from 250 kW to more than 12 MW.

SUNDA Participants

SUNDA Deployments

Size: 0.5 MW
Location: Picatinny Arsenal

CoServ Electric
Date Completed: September 2015
Size: 2 MW
Location: Northern Denton County, TX
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Eau Claire
Date Completed: September 2015
Size: 0.88 MW
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Great River Energy
Date Completed: May 2014
Size: 0.25 MW
Location: Maple Grove, MN Headquarters
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Appalachian EC
Date Completed: January 2017
Size: 1.4 MW
Location: New Market, TN
Solar Output 1
Solar Output 2

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation|
Date Completed: November 2017
Size: 1.6 MW
Location: Sunny Point

Great River Energy
Date Completed: August 2016
Size: 2.2 MW

Kansas Electric Power Cooperative
Date Completed: February 2017
Size: 1 MW
Location: Butler County, KS

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation
Date Completed: August 2016
Size: 800 kW
Location: College Grove, TN

GreenPower EMC

  • Grady EMC – 1 MW
  • Middle Georgia – 1 MW
  • Okefenokee – 2 MW
  • Satilla – 1 MW
  • Snapping Shoals – 2.7 MW
  • Tri-County EMC – 1 MW