​​​​​NRECA offers a suite of consulting services focused on helping co-ops address challenges with the integrated grid. Our services include:​

Technology Planning
NRECA applies a strategically driven, collaborative approach and positions the co-op to maximize technology investments, realizing technology benefits to achieve long-term value.

Data Strategy Planning
NRECA offers a data strategy service that considers factors unique to each co-op and engages co-ops to take a holistic view across the organization to identify and define data analytics value opportunities.

Grid Data Analytics
NRECA's guides co-ops through a process to define, aggregate, configure, model and apply sourced data across the various suite of technologies, turning data into information that will help the co-op manage day-to-day operations more effectively.

​Technology Evaluation and Deployment
NRECA offers applied knowledge of emerging utility technologies with practical experience and resource guides to detail technology business cases; define interoperability requirements to meet operating needs; formally vetting technology alternatives; aligning business processes; and, planning the implementation of operating technologies to realize sustained results.

Operations Analysis and Effectiveness
NRECA provides a comprehensive analysis of the organization's structure, functions, staffing levels, and business practices, resulting in an improvement plan to strengthen organization effectiveness to achieve higher levels of performance.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

UAS Support Services
NRECA offers a series of UAS​ courses covering all facets of airspace compliance, UAS drone technologies, selecting and qualifying the UAS drone, and for establishing UAS inspection program.

UAS Flight Services

NRECA UAS flight services are designed to assist electric co-ops in integrating drone technologies into their utility operations. We share the latest in UAS platforms, sensors, and software and help co-ops select the right drone technology and platform and work with you to design and sustain a UAS program to target various levels of operational activities that improves safety, efficiency and overall effectiveness.


For more information, contact Henry Cano,, 602-621-3905 or Tony Thomas,, 703-850-4718.