NRECA offers a suite of consulting services focused on helping co-ops effectively leverage technology to meet their unique needs, including:

Technology Planning

Emerging technologies have a profound impact on how a cooperative operates and manages its infrastructure and services. The convergence of information technology and operating technology requires co-ops to rethink traditional methods of how technology systems are deployed and supported. NRECA offers a technology planning service that is strategically driven, applies a collaborative approach across functions, and positions the cooperative to realize long-term value from its technology investments.

Data Strategy Planning

Expanding digitization within the distribution grid is creating a new asset: big data. NRECA works with you to leverage this asset through an enterprise data strategy, uncovering new value across utility functions. Transform your business processes and empower decision makers with actionable information to become a data-driven organization.

Technology Evaluation and Deployment

Advancements in operating technologies enable cooperatives to achieve near-real time coordination and automation of information from the grid to improve system operation, efficiency, response time, and overall optimization. NRECA helps organizations maximize their investment in these critical technology applications to meet business needs.

Operations Analysis and Effectiveness

Electric cooperatives must optimize assets and resources while meeting consumer member expectations for high-quality service, improved reliability, and cost-effective power delivery. NRECA offers a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s structure, functions, staffing levels and business practices, including evaluating how these areas and related work practices compare with industry best practices.