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The "Future Of" Series looks at technology, market advances and new services that are and will continue to shape the business of electric cooperatives. In Vol. 1 of this three-part series, we will explore the momentum in electrification of trucking and commercial transportation, the implications of battery energy storage and the future of grid analytics, using AMI data for actionable insights.

With the connections we’ve forged with experts across many industries and great examples from electric co-ops, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how technology will impact your organization. The "Future Of" Series provides a fascinating look at new developments, insights and opportunities tailored for co-op operations and service offerings.

Interested in The “Future Of” Series Vol. 2? ​

June 23, 2020 | ​NOW ON DEMAND
Trucks: The "Future Of" Electric Commercial Vehicles

The electrification of commercial vehicles continues to gain momentum as companies around the world focus their attention on the benefits of electric power alternatives versus the long-established internal combustion engine (ICE). Battery electric vehicles for commercial applications are here today and are an increasingly used alternative to traditional gasoline, diesel, alternative fuel and hybrid powertrains. This webinar provided an update from two leaders in the trucking industry who shared insight into the business case for electric trucks, the timeline for their growth and the electric service requirements.


Rustam Kocher
EMG Ecosystem Infrastructure Lead, Daimler Trucks North America
Mike Roeth
Executive Director, North American Council for Freight Efficiency
Brian Sloboda
Consumer Solutions Director, NRECA

June 30, 2020 | ​NOW ON DEMAND
Batteries: The Future Implications of Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) have significant implications for electric co-ops and their consumer-members. Both lithium-ion and flow battery technolo​gies are projected to see significant cost declines in the coming years. BESS can be used for a variety of applications, including demand response, T&D infrastructure deferral, integration of renewable energy, and microgrids. Find out the latest trends in battery energy storage technology and how co-ops are deploying BESS. Hear deployment forecasts for utility scale storage. This session highlighted the Battery Energy Storage Technology Overview recently published by NRECA, NRUCFC, CoBank and NRTC.


Jan Ahlen
Director of Energy Solutions, NRECA
Peter Muhoro
Vice President, Strategic Industry Research and Analysis, NRUCFC
Brad Seibert
Vice President, Next Generation Energy, NRTC
Teri Viswanath
Lead Economist, Power, Energy, and Water, CoBank

​July 7, 2020​ ​| ​NOW ON DEMAND ​​
AMI Dat​a: The "​Future Of" Grid Analytics (Hint ... It’s here!)

The future of grid analytics starts now. Use your AMI to build a grid analytics platform at your distribution utility. In this session, learn how to get more done with your AMI and other systems such as engineering analysis and SCADA. In addition, we shared how to configure your AMI system and to identify the data that matters, as bringing back all the data is usually not the best approach. We also walked through an example, using open source and other readily available commercial tools, to demonstrate how to store and analyze the data.


Stan McHann
Senior Research Engineer, NRECA
David Pinney
Analytics Research Program Manager, NRECA
Gregory A. Wolven, P.E.
Director of Engineering, WIN Energy REMC

Discover more ways NRECA works with electric cooperatives on business and technology challenges and opportunities.



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