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Leadership is a key to effective Cooperative management and the future of cooperatives.

There are two common leadership questions. One comes from Boards who are seeking a new leader or evaluating a current one. They ask “what” to look for in good leadership. The other comes from an employee interested in becoming a leader or a current CEO who wishes to improve their skills. They ask if or “how” to become a good leader.

The response is simple: “Do not look for or try to be a good leader. Work to be a great leader.” A good leader may be lucky or follow happenstance. But, a great leader hones his skills in five key leadership fundamentals:

  1. A great leader practices appreciation and humility
  2. A great leader stresses communication
  3. A great leader understands and cultivates trust
  4. A great leader encourages and practices innovation
  5. A great leader works at becoming a better leader.

Through a case study and discussion with co-op CEOs, Kim Christiansen, NRECA's Manager of Governance and Business Strategy, will explore these foundations and offer observations and practical tips on how to identify and develop these critical leadership skills in yourself and others.

To get an idea of what you can expect during this webinar series, check out the July 27 Tracey’s Takeaways article “Five Foundations of Leadership"​.

Learning Objectives

CEO: As a result of this web conference series, you will be able to;

  • Recognize and apply key leadership concepts;
  • Use techniques to drive greater acceptance of change and managing change efforts;
  • Gain awareness of opportunities for your own growth and leadership development;
  • Build your capability to communicate effectively and build trust.


  • Be able to identify leadership concepts;
  • Be more accepting of change by understanding your own reaction toward it;
  • Appreciate the importance of clear communication;
  • Adapt a mindset of continual improvement;
  • Develop leadership and grow.

Board: As a result of this web conference series, you will be able to;

  • Describe the characteristics of leadership that you want your CEO to exhibit, enabling your board to set more specific expectations;
  • Enhance the Board's effectiveness in offering guidance and support to your CEO to become a better leader;
  • Understand the difficulties in managing change to better provide cooperative guidance;
  • Improve your approach to evaluating the CEO's leadership performance​.
Leadership competencies
“Leadership Foundation”
Supervisory, Management, Leadership (CEO/Senior Leader) Competencies
Director Competencies​
Appreciation and humility​Relationship & TeambuildingBoard/Manager Relationship​
​CommunicationInterpersonal Communications​Interpersonal Communications
​Trust​Integrity & Courage; Influence OthersBuilds Relationships and Influences Others​
​InnovationInnovation​​Strategic Planning
​Working at being a better leaderContinuous Learning & Development (Core)​​Self-Awareness/Continual Learning​

For more information on these competencies, please visit our Supervisory, Management and Leadership competencies page and our Director competencies page.​





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ValuePack: $270 per person, 4 or more registrants from the same cooperative. (The first three registrants pay the regular rate, additional registrants from the same co-op receive the discounted rate.)

*Fee includes both web conferences and resource materials.

If you have registered for the web conference and have not received an email confirmation, contact Dawit Kiflu at dawit.kiflu@nreca.coop.​​



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