NRECA is committed to helping electric cooperative directors meet the learning challenges of a rapidly changing industry–inside and outside the boardroom. To help identify the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to govern effectively, we’ve developed a competency framework specifically for electric cooperative directors.

Electric Cooperative Director Competencies

Recent NRECA course and survey feedback points to the following as key competencies for Directors:

  • A Quick Study [See competency: Self- Awareness/Continual Learning]
  • Open to New Ideas [See competency: Flexibility]
  • Able to Understand and Engage Members as their Expectations Change [See competencies: Member Focus; Interpersonal Communications]
  • Able to Connect with Fellow Directors from Different Generations [See competencies: Diversity and Inclusion; Builds Relationships and Influences Others]
  • Adept at Analyzing Complex Options to Make Sound Decisions [See competency: Analytical Thinking and Decision Making]

Download a PDF version of NRECA's Electric Cooperative Director Competency Framework:

Download this competency map that shows how NRECA learning offerings align with NRECA's Electric Cooperative Director Competencies.

Stay tuned as we continue to update competency information to each NRECA program webpage.

For information about using competencies for identifying learning needs and selecting education:

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