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According to Gallup’s research, organizations with a strong values-driven culture are better prepared to navigate significant disruptions and system-level changes. Why? Because leaders who espouse key organizational values create supportive work environments that attract, develop and retain employees who are motivated by providing meaningful service to others. Electric cooperatives with values-based cultures are better prepared to operate by the Cooperative Principles, as well as fulfill their own mission and purpose.

This course provides insights and practical tools for instilling values-based leadership at your cooperative. Participants will gain in-depth understanding of how values ground, guide and impact an organization’s operation and its success. This course also provides tools for assessing individual and organizational values to pinpoint which values support desired outcomes and which ones don’t. In addition, this course demonstrates how a values-based perspective can be used in developing people and the organization, and how organization-wide changes can be more successfully implemented.

What You Will Learn

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the links between organizational purpose, vision and values.
  • Identify their own individual values, recognize how their actions align with those values and analyze how their values may impact the people and work they lead.
  • Use values-assessment tools to assess the values in their organization.
  • Recognize the organizational values needed for future success and the values that may hinder this success.
  • Explain the impact of societal values on their own organizations (e.g., the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on personally held values).
  • Write clear and compelling values statements for their work groups or organizations.
  • Create better values alignment across their organization, including the use of values in decision making.
  • Apply their understanding of values as cultural transformation tools to support organizational change.
  • Act as change leaders for their work groups or organizations.

Key Topics

  • Research by Richard Barrett of the Barrett Values Centre
  • The importance of being a values-driven leader
  • Tools for assessing individual and organizational values
  • Aligning values and actions
  • Leading, engaging and developing employees by understanding their values and needs
  • Organizational values’ impacts on the day-to-day operation and the long-term success of the cooperative
  • Critical role of values in cultural transformation and organizational change
  • Challenges and opportunities in being a values-based leader of a values-based organization

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