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Successful projects and programs are critical to electric cooperatives’ mission and purpose. They may be large, like building a substation and extending distribution lines to a new part of the service area; or they may be relatively small, like developing a communication and marketing program for a new energy service offering. No matter if the project is internal or consumer-facing, the co-op staff leading the effort need specific knowledge and skills to successfully plan, manage and execute the project or program.

In this course, participants will learn how to initiate, plan and manage projects and programs to achieve the desired results and meet stakeholder needs. They will explore typical challenges in managing projects and programs—and techniques for addressing them. Participants will learn how to propose a program or project for stakeholder approval and then organize the work and resources needed to get the work done on schedule and on budget. How to monitor and report progress is also covered, as well as how to close out and evaluate the overall effort.

Learning Objectives

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the lifecycle of a project or program from inception to close-out.
  • Explain the project/program manager’s and team members’ roles, responsibilities, authorities, accountabilities and performance evaluation criteria.
  • Develop and document project/program purpose, objectives, scope and charter.
  • Prepare a work breakdown structure with milestones, tasks and subtasks, and work products.
  • Schedule tasks and work assignments using tools such as Gantt charts and critical path analysis.
  • Estimate budgets, resource requirements and assign work to team members.
  • Monitor and report progress to key stakeholders in terms of tasks completed, work products delivered and resources used.
  • Close a project/program and evaluate the results and lessons learned.

Key Topics
  • Project lifecycle

  • Understanding project context and stakeholder’s interests

  • Key characteristics of successful projects/programs and their management

  • Project/Program manager and team member roles and accountabilities

  • Building a purposeful, engaged, accountable and collaborative project team

  • Tools for planning and managing projects with appropriate monitoring and control

  • Overcoming challenges of shared resources, including workforce

  • Common project/program barriers and how to address them

  • How and when to communicate progress and issues

  • Managing change through the project lifecycle

  • Conducting team/stakeholder post-project debriefs, including lessons learned for future improvement

Leadership skills assessment

Dran from the Electrc Cooperative Employee Competencies, our Leadership Skills Assessment was designed to help you understand which of NRECA's supervisory, management and leadership courses and events may be most appropriate for you. Learn more.

Certificate Program

Supervisor and Manager Development Program

  • NRECA – 2 credits
  • CEU – 1.2 credits





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