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Supervisors and managers have the obligation to treat all employees and job applicants consistently and equally as outlined under the law. Handling team member issues in the most convenient or the nicest way may not be the legal or right thing to do. Whether your co-op has a full-time human resources staff to help you or not, to successfully supervise co-op employees you need to understand the human resource function and your liability with regard to employment laws. Learn how you can avoid common employment law pitfalls at your cooperative while improving your management skills, enhancing your leadership abilities and encouraging a productive work environment at your cooperative.
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize your Human Resources (HR) responsibilities and liabilities as a supervisor.
  • Explain legal pitfalls for supervisors.
  • Distinguish between HR and supervisors’ responsibilities throughout the typical tenure of a co-op employee from when they’re hired to when they leave the co-op.
  • Explain the elements of loss control as it applies to employee safety and health, including the impact on the cooperative’s bottom line.

Key Topics
  • Basics of Human Resources
  • Employment laws, including:
      • Title VII of the Civil Rights of 1964
      • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
      • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
      • Americans with Disabilities Act (and amendments)
      • The Equal Pay Act of 1963
      • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
      • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Harassment – What is It?
  • Supervisor’s role in preventing harassment
  • Shared areas of responsibilities between supervisors and Human Resources
  • Pitfalls to be aware of, including discrimination and nepotism
  • Legal Vs. illegal interview questions
  • Supervisory responsibilities in loss control and workplace safety
  • Cost of an employee accident


Read what previous Know the Rules: Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities for Supervisors – Online participants have to say about their experience.

"This course directs you to many valuable resources needed for a supervisor. [and] Excellent course to help understand the relationship between supervisors and HR staff."

-Derec Janaway, Director of Safety and Loss Control, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"This course was very thorough in providing an overview of a supervisor's role with human resources. As someone who has supervised employees throughout my career, I had never received this type of clear training that not only protects me as a supervisor but also helps me protect my employees and the cooperative."
-Hillary Cherry, Director of Communications and Marketing, Corn Belt Energy, Bloomington, Illinois

"The course provided very timely material on very important HR issues. Anyone in a supervisory role needs to know the legal issues around employment. Not knowing these rules can cost the cooperative members and damage the culture at the cooperative."
-Charlie Dunn, CEO, Farmers Electric Cooperative, Inc., Greenfield, Iowa

Certificate Program

Supervisor and Manager Development Program


NRECA – 1 credit

CEU – 0.6 credits





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