The Electric Cooperative Employee Competency model is meant to provide a foundation for cooperatives to customize for their needs and circumstances. It is a tool to help cooperatives align the talent of their employees to achieve goals, execute more effectively and enhance leadership impact.

Overview Core Competencies Role-Specific Competencies Supervisory, Management and Leadership

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"Using Competencies to Shape Your Workforce" will help you implement a competency model for your cooperative.

WEBINAR: Building a Competency Model for Your Cooperative
To learn more about strengthening your workforce through a strategic competency model view our webinar, Building a Competency Model for Your Cooperative.

NEW! Leadership Skills Assessment

Drawn from the Electric Cooperative Employee Competencies, our new Leadership Skills Assessment was designed to help you understand which of NRECA's supervisory, management and leadership courses and events may be most appropriate for you. Learn more.

For information about using competencies for identifying learning needs and selecting education ...

Jeanette Will, Senior Program Manager, Education & Training

For information about using competencies for talent management needs ...

Desiree Dunham, Manager, Talent Programs