​Volume I of the field manual covers utility-scale solar business models and financing options. Volumes II and III cover topics for engineers.

Cooperative Utility PV Field Manual

NRECA’s Cooperative Utility PV Field Manual is a three-volume series designed to support electric cooperatives as they explore and pursue utility solar PV deployments. SUNDA products and lessons learned for evaluation, implementation and operation of utility-scale solar PV are discussed in detail. (Note: Volumes II and III are written specifically for engineers.)

Volume I: Business Models and Financing Options

Attachment: SEPA Tax Manual

Volume II: Planning, Design, Installation/Interconnection, and Commissioning

Volume III: Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Attachment A – PV Site Commissioning Checklist

Attachment B – PV Site Inspection Checklist – Punchlist and Annual

Attachment C – PV DC Insulation Test – Commissioning and Annual

Attachment D – PV String Test – Commissioning and Annual

Attachment E – Energy and Capacity Performance Test – Commissioning and Annual

Attachment F – Sample Report – O&M Annual Report Template

SUNDA Reference Designs

Experienced engineers can use these templates to design for 250kW (single inverter and string inverter design), 500 kW and 1 MW utility-scale PV solar projects.

250kW 600V, Single Inverter

250kW 1000V, String Inverter

500kW 1000V, Single Inverter

1000kW 1000V, Two 500kW Inverters

1000kW 1000v, Singleaxis Tracking System with String Inverters

1050kW 1500V, Single Inverter

SUNDA Reference Block Design Disclaimer

The CAD files for these designs are available to co-op members. Please send request to SUNDA@nreca.coop.