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Oct.​ 26, 2015

These modules discuss modern methods of financing for utility-scale renewables, battery storage, broadband, distributed energy resources and energy efficiency.

  • Andrew Cotter, Program and Product Line Manager - Renewable and Distributed Generation Technology,
    NRECA, Business and Technologies Strategies Division
  • Russ Wasson, Director of Tax, Finance and Accounting Policy, NRECA


​1A - Utility Scale Renewables
Purpose: To discuss modern methods of financing of utility scale renewables

  • The advantages of utility scale renewables

  • The role tax incentives play in renewable financing

  • Alternative financing structures for utility scale renewables

  • Compare and contrast a Power Purchase Agreement with investment

  • An Appendix on tax incentives is available as a handout​

1B - Community Financing of Renewables
Purpose: To discuss methods by which electric cooperative members may finance renewables

  • Consumer scale financing options for renewables

  • Loans to members by electric cooperatives using the RUS EECLP program

  • The potential impact of state and local laws upon electric coop loans to members

  • Using a tariff approach with the RUS EECLP

  • Coop members entering into PPAs with developers with ownership rights

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy program

  • Federal, state and local financial incentives for community financing

2 - Utility Owned Battery Storage
Purpose: To discuss financing and technical aspects of utility scale battery storage

  • Financing options for battery storage

  • Possible lender concerns

  • Alternative deal structures

  • Golden Valley’s experience

  • Possible technological developments

3 - Utility Owned Broadband
Purpose: To discuss how electric cooperatives might finance broadband for their members

  • Financing options for electric cooperatives and broadband

  • How RUS electric may be able to loan for broadband

  • The need to check state and local laws with regard to broadband

  • USDA broadband funding announcements

  • USDA Community Connect Grants

4A - Consumer Side Distributed Energy Resources
Purpose: To discuss financing options at the consumer level for DER

  • Definition of DER

  • Operational considerations of DER

  • Tax incentives for DER

  • Potential cross subsidization issues with DER

  • Financing options for DER including RUS EECLP

  • The potential for taxable income for consumers from the operation of DER

4B - Consumer Side Energy Efficiency
Purpose: To discuss financing options for EE for electric cooperative members

  • Federal and state incentives

  • Financing options

  • EE under the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

  • EE as a utility scale resource

  • Lender considerations


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