Take this self-assessment to see what professional competencies you need to develop for workplace success.

Professional development entails reflecting on strengths and areas for future development as you plan for new learning experiences. The Core Competency Self-Assessment is a starting point for identifying your professional development needs and developing an individualized training plan.

The questions in this assessment are pulled from the Electric Cooperative Employee Competency model. More specifically, they consist of a selection of our core competencies, which are defined as the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to support successful performance for ALL cooperative employees.

The Core Competencies are bucketed into the following three categories:

  1. Business Acumen: Integrates organizational and business knowledge into job performance.
  2. Interactions with Others: Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation and mutual respect.
  3. Resourcefulness and Accountability: Takes responsibility for accomplishing work objectives and delivering business results.

General Information and Guidance

  • Use the link below to take the 10-minute assessment.
    • To see your results, you will need to answer each item.
    • You will not be able to save results along the way.
    • You can complete the assessment as many times as you want.
  • Your individual results are not shared. Results are emailed to you a few minutes after completing the assessment.
  • Consider meeting and discussing your results with your supervisor.
  • Identify development activities and learning opportunities that address your areas of development.


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