​​​America’s Electric Cooperatives face continually changing technological, political, and social landscapes impacting the electric industry and the cooperative business model. An ever-increasing number of events – including accelerating rates of process and technology changes, use of data-driven analytics, mounting compliance requirements, feedback from more empowered member-owners, and changes in demographics and motivators – is driving implementation of innovative energy services and personnel management practices for electric utilities.

This ongoing evolution from a commodity-centric model to a consumer-centric model has propelled the examination and assessment by NRECA of new practices for our members to consider. A key challenge for America’s Electric Cooperatives is how to achieve the most efficient outcome for our consumer-members while concurrently rewarding and motivating a highly skilled and committed, yet often over-tasked, workforce. This involves identifying practical utility-side and end-use solutions, including shared services and other resource strategies.


Member Advisory: From Finding the Gaps to Bridging the Gaps: An Electric Cooperative's Need to Source Strategically (February 2018)

Co-op Case Studies

Through a series of case studies, NRECA is highlighting some of the innovative ways cooperatives are tackling the challenges of the evolving industry through strategic sourcing:

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