NRECA works to promote and empower electric co-ops and champion the cooperative business model in a variety of ways.


We are a powerful and effective political and public policy advocate for our members. We partner with co-ops, statewide associations and other allies to achieve legislative and regulatory outcomes that positively impact our co-ops, our communities and our quality of life. Learn more.


As the national voice of America's electric co-ops, NRECA builds recognition and understanding of cooperative issues, supports policy positions, and engages policymakers, journalists and other key stakeholders in the co-op story. Through our communications efforts, NRECA highlights the strength of the co-op business model, positions our members as leaders in the modern energy economy, and promotes our members’ role in strengthening communities across rural America. Learn more.


For more than 50 years, NRECA International has been a global ambassador for the cooperative business model, working in developing countries to help governments and their citizens bring electricity to remote communities, leading to improvements in education, healthcare, safety and economic opportunity.Learn more.