Talent Management

A diverse and inclusive workforce …

  • Is recruited from a broad candidate pool made up of individuals with different points of view and experiences.

  • Employees are developed, retained, and advanced based on their abilities and performance free of bias or favoritism.

Organizational Culture

An inclusive culture …

  • Is one in which an organization’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion are reflected in behaviors of all employees and leaders.

  • Promotes the open sharing of ideas and different views without the fear of judgment or reprisal.

  • Manifests itself in policies, practices and key behaviors that:

      • Demonstrate fairness and respect

      • Create a sense of belonging for all employees

      • Empower all employees to bring their “whole self” to work

      • Challenges and holds teams and individuals accountable for behaviors that undermine DEI values


A cooperative’s communications reflect diversity, equity and inclusion when …

  • There is understanding that diverse individuals have different communication styles and preferences.

  • Communications are tailored to meet the needs, styles and preferences of different employee, consumer-member and community groups.


A cooperative’s governance champions and reflects diversity, equity and inclusion when …

  • Management and the board set strategy and operate the business in a way that considers the needs of all members.

  • Management and the board set the tone by committing to DEI values and initiatives.

Member Experience & Cooperative Programs

A cooperative’s programs and service delivery creates an inclusive experience for members when …

  • Programs are designed to meet the needs of different member segments.

  • The cooperative uses different means to reach and engage with different types of members

Supply Chain

A cooperative sources and procures materials and equipment from diverse sources.

  • A cooperative committed to supply chain diversity recognizes that a wider pool of potential suppliers can promote competition, drive cost savings and improve the quality of purchased products and services.

  • Supplier diversity can also provide added flexibility in times of supply constraints.

Community Outreach

A cooperative demonstrates diversity, equity and inclusion in its relations with the broader community when …

  • It has broad-based participation in and support of community events.

  • Charitable contributions and scholarships are provided to diverse organizations and candidates, respectively.