Organizational Culture

Your Culture Is Your Competitive Advantage

A positive organizational culture is essential to sustaining high levels of performance. Organizational culture, driven from leadership practices, reflects the way employees behave towards each other and how they approach their work. It is important that leaders understand its current culture and how it enables or hinders performance results. NRECA offers an organizational culture diagnostic survey and facilitated guided follow-up workshops to define the desired culture attributes and target actions towards migrating to the desired culture.

Our organizational culture survey tool measures the strengths of agreement under six key factors as described in figure 1. The results from this 30-question, confidential online survey are analyzed assessing strengths and gaps by organization level and work environment. The results capture current levels of perceived influences that shape the existing culture and establish a baseline for continuous improvement. A key feature of our culture survey measurement is the Organizational Culture Index (OCI). This index provides an overall assessment of the health of the organizational culture and establishes a tracking measure to monitor progress on culture improvement efforts.


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