Cybersecurity Exercises for Electric Cooperatives



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How the Exercise Works

  • CyberSEEC exercises utilize a virtual platform developed by NUARI: the Distributed Environment for Critical Infrastructure Decision-Making Exercises (DECIDE®) cyber-training platform.

  • The RC3 CyberSEEC Design Team provides support materials and training to participants before the exercise to maximize value of participation.

  • Participants get more value from the exercise if their team includes the following job roles: CEO/GM, HR, Member Services/Communications, Information Technology, Engineering, Operations, and Finance.

  • Participants access the DECIDE platform individually and from any computer.

  • NRECA does not collect the raw data produced during the online exercise. NUARI will collect data entered into the DECIDE platform and provide it to the participating utilities, and then delete the data after the exercise.

  • The utility has the option to invite observers (board member, leadership, etc.) to watch and monitor activities, but who will not engage directly in the exercise.

About This Exercise

For each exercise cooperatives identify a team of players. One of the players must be responsible for completing the registration information needed for the CyberSEEC exercise. This person will be responsible for:

  • Completing a survey identifying who will participate and their roles (including associated providers/vendors), identifying observers invited to the exercise, and providing additional background information about the utility. Note that an acknowledgement that the utility understands NAURI’s data use policy and security controls is part of the process.

  • Serving as a narrator to guide the utility through the exercise. The narrator may answer/ask questions regarding the exercise scenario and may be involved in the decision-making process of the utility’s response.