​​​​​​​​​​​​​How many staff are in your organization?
Leigh Taylor is the only full employee of NRECA Executive Search. Our team is also comprised 6 outside consultants, each with decades of experience as Electric Co-op CEOs or Electric Cooperative Directors. More information on our team can be found on our website.​​​

How long has NRECA Executive Search been doing searches?
We have been conducting s​earches for our membership since 1989. We have helped place over 700 CEO/GMs and senior s​taff since then. We offer a 365-day guarantee and since 2017, only 2 searches have enacted our guarantee.

How many searches has NRECA Executive Search conducted from January 2019-December 2022?
During that time period, we conducted 88 CEO Searches and 12 Senior Staff services.

Of the 12 selected CEO/GMs that started in 2022, how many were internal candidates?
​Three internal candidates were selected by their boards in 2022.

Of the 12 selected CEO/GMs that started in 2022, how many had previously been a CEO/GM?
Four selected candidates were experienced CEO/GMs.

Of the 12 selected CEO/GMs, how many had no REC experience?
​In 2022, three selected CEO/GMs had no REC experience.

​How is NRECA Executive Search different than other firms?

  • Given the depth of the NRECA consulting team, we include a post search consulting option within the 1st year. Options include a consulting service with the Board, the new CEO/GM or the organization.

  • We administer the Hogan Insight Leadership Assessments to the finalists to give the board greater context into the candidates' values, strengths and challenges.

  • We have a certified compensation expert on staff to provide multiple up-to-date market compensation studies to the board.

  • As virtual presence has become more prevalent in the workplace, we offer brief one-way virtual interviews during the screening process.

How do you find candidates?

  • ​We use both passive and active networking within the NRECA Executive Search team.

  • We post the position on various platforms including, NRECA, Engineering and Science network, and with applicable statewide associations.

  • We use the NRECA resume database, our own Executive Search database, searches and the Engineering and Science network database when that platform is selected.

  • We also take direction from the board on how and where to advertise. ​

How many steps/gates does an applicant have to go through in order to be considered as a finalist candidate?

  • 1st gate: meet minimum qualifications based on the board’s qualifications for success.

  • 2nd gate: phone screen interview

  • 3rd gate: reference check

  • 4th gate: screening book discussion of top 8 -10 candidates with the board; board selects the finalist candidates

  • 5th gate: in-person interviews

What pool of candidates do you use?
We require both internal and external candidates to adhere to the same application and screening process.

How much of an overlap between the new CEO/GM and retiring CEO/GM do you consider to be reasonable?
In typical situations, 1 week is sufficient.

How long does a CEO/GM search take?
From contract signature to when the new CEO/GM starts, it’s typically 6 months.

Do you use any assessments?
We administer the Hogan Insight Assessments to the finalists and we provide a summary of results to the board in advance of the in-person interviews.

Do you have a standard set of interview questions?
We have an interview guide framework which is revised according to the needs of the board and the co-op. The board has the chance to add questions to the interview guide before and during the interviews.

​What additional expenses should we expect?
​Any expenses outside of our professional fee is passed along to the co-op at cost. The majority of these expenses are travel costs for the consultant and finalist candidate interviews. In 2023, these expenses average $5,500 to $6,500 reflecting an overall increase in flight and car rental costs.