Executive Coaching

Unlock Leadership Excellence for Co-op Success

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the changing environment of today’s electric cooperatives, effective leadership is key. Our confidential coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual and the unique needs of your co-op. Benefits of executive coaching include:

  • Personalized Support: Direct one-on-one support and guidance from certified executive coaches with decades of electric co-op expertise.
  • Builds a Solid Foundation: Whether you are new to the executive role or new to your co-op—we’ll help you focus on building shared understanding and expectations, at the team and Board level.
  • Enhances Established Co-op Leadership: With personalized guidance based upon individual a​nd co-op​ goals, our coaches will aid in the development of seasoned leaders.
  • Effective Change Management: Change is inevitable. Let us guide you through the change management process—including the need for change, how to be inclusive and how to gain support.
  • Improved Decision Making: Our coaches support you in identifying and clarifying options, weighing the benefits and risks and creating a path forward.

Designed to be practical and results-oriented, your confidential coaching engagement is personalized to your needs. Typically lasting six months, the coaching process begins with a leadership or 360-degree leadership assessment​ and builds from there.

​​​​Executive coaching is an investment in your leaders—and the future of your cooperative. Contact one of our certified consultants today to learn more. ​​​​


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