Technology Evaluation and Deployment

Combining Knowledge and Experience for Sustained Results

Advancements in operating technologies enable cooperatives to achieve near real-time coordination and automation of information from the grid to improve system operation, efficiency, response and overall optimization. NRECA helps organizations maximize their investment in these critical technology applications to meet business needs.

Why Work With NRECA?

NRECA offers a suite of smart grid technology support services to assist cooperatives in the planning, evaluation and deployment of integrated grid technologies.

What To Expect

With NRECA, co-ops have access to a breadth and depth of utility technology industry knowledge and practical experience. Our expertise lies in the planning, design and implementation of the key components of the integrated grid, including configuration of the associated communication infrastructure to maximize the functionality of targeted technologies.

Services Include:

  • Technology Business Case Analysis
  • Formal Technology Evaluation and Selection
  • Technology Testing and Deployment Services
  • Project Compliance and Risk Mitigation

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