Create Your Communications Plan

Samples, Templates and Planning Tools

Let the Planning Begin!

The tools included in this section are designed to help you visualize how the ideas and content from this toolkit transition to the practical next step of creating a communication plan. You'll find a six-step communications planning checklist and situation analysis form to help you get started, as well as a tool to help you evaluate your current communications practices to make way for new outreach activities. You'll also find a sample communications plan, with tiers of tactics based on level of effort required.

Note the sample plan and editorial calendar are designed to serve as examples and to provide inspiration and ideas now and in the future. As with all of the content in this toolkit, feel free to use the ideas that work for you, adjust as you see fit and make them your own.


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NRECA’s toolkit landing page includes a variety of resources to help guide your strategic planning process depending on the topic and audience. The general communications planning toolkit is a good place to start.

Touchstone Energy provides a proven Strategy Execution System for cooperatives to help guide planning.

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