Rural Electric Workflow Improvements for Rapid Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Deployment (REWIRED)

REWIRED is a cooperative agreement between NRECA Research & EERE. This agreement provides over $2 million of federal funding over a 3 year period (June 2024, to May 2027). The project aims to reduce the soft costs associated with EVSE deployment.

About the Program

REWIRED Deliverables

  • Streamlining Utility Workflows for EV Interconnection: To expedite the EV interconnection process, NRECA Research will develop a guidebook to provide guidance on standardized application procedures, simplify paperwork, and ensure consistent requirements across a utility's service territory.

  • Assess the impact of future EV growth on distribution transformer loads: To inform cooperatives if additional charging loads can be accommodated by existing infrastructure, NRECA Research will develop an online dashboard. This dashboard will incorporate the following features:

    • Data Integration and Growth Modeling
    • Load Modeling
    • Visualization and Reporting

Key Objectives

  • Improving EVSE Deployment Efficiency: Streamline and standardize the processes and workflows associated with EVSE deployment to reduce the time and cost involved, ensuring a quicker rollout of EV charging infrastructure in rural areas.

  • Supporting Grid Management and Reliability: Develop tools and resources to help cooperatives manage the increased demand on the grid effectively, ensuring the reliable and efficient integration of EVSE.

  • Enhancing Member Satisfaction: By facilitating faster and more efficient deployment of EVSE, the project aims to improve member satisfaction by providing them with reliable and accessible EV charging options.

  • Cooperative Advisory Board (CAB): Establish and engage a CAB with representatives from a diverse range of cooperatives across all ten NRECA regions. The CAB will provide valuable data and insights into interconnection processes, contributing to the project's direction.

  • Community Engagement and Workforce Development: Foster community engagement and collaboration in workforce development, enhancing the knowledge and skills of cooperative personnel and local contractors.

Overarching Efforts

NRECA Research

NRECA Research, a not-for-profit entity, was established in 2019 to complement the resources and services provided by NRECA to address the needs of electric cooperatives. Through NRECA Research, our members can leverage extensive internal expertise and established industry partnerships to develop and demonstrate new technical capabilities that directly address challenges and opportunities of the future electric grid.


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