NRECA created this DG toolkit to help electric co-ops address the legal, economic and technical issues raised by consumer-owned generation. These materials provide models and guidance that each co-op can adapt to its unique needs after consultation with management, legal counsel and system engineers. We suggest beginning with the “Business and Contract Guide for Interconnection” that will guide you through the process and provide you descriptions for each of the documents. With this toolkit, each co-op should be able to draft the rules, policies, tariffs, contract documents and retail rates required to respond to member requests for interconnection.

Consumers interested in distributed generation should contact their own cooperative for more information.

Distributed Generation Toolkit

<10 kW Inverter Based Process

Business and Contract Guide for Interconnection

Consumer Guidelines for Interconnection

DG Rates Manual

Model Interconnection Application

Model Long Form Interconnection Contract

Model Short Form Interconnection Contract

Pre Application Report

Pre Application Report Response Template

Sample PV Solar Array Inspection, Testing and Commissioning Procedures