RC3 CYBERSECURITY SELF-ASSESSMENT - Now Available In Online And Hardcopy Versions

The RC3 Self-Assessment tool, developed by NRECA, will help cooperatives understand their cybersecurity posture. Results of the self-assessment can be used by the cooperative to prioritize mitigation actions and develop a cybersecurity action plan for their organization.

Please note: The RC3 Cybersecurity Self-Assessment can be conducted in a virtual environment through a coordinated web conference and does not require participants to assemble at the same location.


NRECA worked with Axio Global, Inc., to host the RC3 Cybersecurity Self-Assessment on the Axio360 platform. This version provides more features not feasible in the hardcopy version. More information and a link to the application for a license to use the online version are available in the following documents:

Note: Applicants for the online version will need to submit a letter from their leadership (CEO or Board) in support of their participation.

Training and Materials For the Online Version
NRECA and Axio provide a number of training webinars and materials related to the Online Version, to assist members in accessing the platform and successfully conducting the online self-assessment.

The hardcopy version was developed by NRECA's RC3 Program in 2018 as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Toolkit intended to be a starting point for cooperatives in the beginning or early stages of developing a cybersecurity program. It is available to members free of charge:

(RMG) (2014)

The purpose of the 2014 RMG is to provide electric cooperatives with guidance to improve their general security posture, as well as specific guidance to integrate cybersecurity practices into the aquisition, integration, deployment, and maintenance of smart grid components and technologies. The focus is on cybersecurity controls that a cooperative can implement to meet the security challenges introduced by the smart grid. The intended primary users of the RMG are electric cooperatives' information technology (IT) staff and leadership teams.


NRECA's cybersecurity resources have developed over time to address our changing industry and to incorporate new guidance and cybersecurity practices from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Related Resources

NRECA has produced a series of advisories to share insights from cooperatives who have used the RC3 Self-Assessment:

For questions or any problems in downloading the files, please contact:

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