​​​​​​​​​​​NRECA has started a Distribution Automation (DA) initiative that aims to develop a variety of resources that can be used by co-ops to:

  1. create a DA strategy and process based on grid needs and co-op goals;

  2. evaluate DA technologies and plan for increased adoption; and

  3. implement DA and operate the grid in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner.

As a part of this initiative, we are developing a DA benefit-cost analysis tool that will include algorithms for computing the costs and benefits to implement user-selected combinations and quantities of DA applications and equipment using input data that is readily available to electric co-ops. The tool will analyze the revenue requirements over the expected life of the investment to determine if the benefits achieved outweigh the total cost of ownership.

NRECA is seeking co-op member support in developing this tool. As an initial step, we are providing this DA survey to gather member input to help in developing a tool that meets co-ops' specific DA needs. This is an opportunity for members to incorporate your specific requirements into this effort.

Please respond by Monday​, March 25, 20​24.