IEEE Standard 1547™, which defines interconnection requirements for distributed energy resources (DER), has been undergoing a major revision since 2014. The present version of this standard was adopted in 2003, prior to the present surge of DER penetration into the grid and major changes in DER technology and economics.

The significant growth in DER interconnection applications has substantial impact on utilities, the reliability of the grid, and the quality of electric service to other utility customers. The revisions of IEEE 1547 are intended to mitigate many of these DER impacts. The new standard will determine how DER devices are designed and tested, and will define how DER will be integrated into the power system going forward.

This standard is very important to America's Electric Cooperatives and several were involved in the balloting process which finally wrapped up in December. Prior to the start of balloting, NRECA published a series of TechSurveillance articles intended to help co-ops understand the proposed changes and why they were being made. The purpose was to help them determine if they felt the proposed changes were acceptable or not and why.

Now that the proposed standard is going through the final processes to become an accepted IEEE Standard (planned for early summer) these articles may still be helpful to engineers wanting to get ready for the coming changes.

This four-part series focuses on the IEEE standard 1547 and its impact on the electric grid.