Date Closed: July 1, 2017

This project developed both utility and manufacturer member surveys to identify issues with smart grid deployments and to assess the specific availability and need for smart grid testing services. Fifteen member companies including nine utilities and six manufacturers provided 21 survey responses. Based upon these responses, visits to seven utility and one university smart grid laboratories documented existing testing capabilities and identified the potential for collaboration with NEETRAC. After the survey results and summaries of the laboratory visits were shared with our Technical Advisors, seven member companies attended the Smart Grid Workshop to identify potential activities for NEETRAC. Eight potential project and service ideas resulted from the workshop. From these ideas, two proposals shared with the Technical Advisors began the collaborative smart grid testbed design process.

The advisors recommended presentation of the following two proposals to the Management Board for consideration at the January 2017 Management Board Meeting; "Smart Grid Laboratory – Phase 1, Protocol Compliance Verification" and "Mixed-Use AMI/SCADA Wireless System Issues".