Date Closed: 7/1/2016

A new generation of cutouts using a polymer insulator body in place of the traditional porcelain body is being used by many utilities. The existing apparatus standard, IEEE Std C37.41-2008, is currently under revision to include tests specifically designed for the polymer insulator bodies. Previous results from Baseline Projects 05-162 and 08-172 were shared with the Polymer Insulator Task Force for C37.41, which has modified some of the recommended polymer tests. As a result, the revised tests were performed on all existing US products to facilitate acceptance of the new protocol. In this project, samples of polymer cutouts from eight manufacturers were selected. The expected worst case design from each manufacturer was selected for each of the following tests:

  • Mechanical Endurance at Temperature Extremes
  • Long Term Deformation / Creep
  • Accelerated Weathering
  • Tracking and Erosion Tests
  • Steep-Wave Impulse Tests
  • Interrupting Tests at Temperature Extremes

These tests were successfully performed on the provided samples. Generic test results were shared with the IEEE C37.41 working group with the goal of balloting the new polymer cutout test protocol before the end of 2015.