Funding: Joint
Date Closed: May 2016

Dispersed generation on the distribution system is not new. It is, however, increasingly being adopted as the preferred solution to connect new, clean energy sources (PV and wind) to the grid for many states. To effectively integrate this level of PV and wind generation, utilities need to understand:

  • How much generation can safely be added to existing radial feeder designs
  • What changes will be required to existing protection systems
  • What changes will be required to the existing feeder designs to support negative loads (i.e. generation > load)

In this project, typical distribution feeder designs / loadings were solicited from the project Technical Advisors and representative feeder models were built for case studies. Case scenarios were developed and examined with input from the Advisors on types / amount / locations of new generation. Both a steady state and transient analysis showed the benefits/effects of allowing inverters on PV sites to operate in a Volt/VAR control mode.