Distributed Wind Project Lifecycle

The Distributed Wind Toolkit is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through the Wind Energy Technology Office (WETO), under Award Number DE-EE0008958.0001


Once refined sufficiently, the project design can be shared with potential funding and ownership entities to ensure that their due diligence process has complete information. This transparency is essential for an efficient transition from one project stage to the next.


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Commissioning, Optimization, and Maintenance

Once a project reaches commercial operation there is typically a period of optimization that occurs. Modern wind turbines are capable of operating autonomously, but they still require active operational oversight before they are authorized to operate in new conditions. Depending on the season in which the wind turbine is installed, it can be days, weeks or even months before all operational modes are approved for autonomous operation. This commissioning period is an essential bridge between when the developer is able to invoice for the project and when the project is expected to generate in accordance with pre-construction estimates.

While it is not uncommon for project hosts (and even owners) to transition to a more passive role once a project is operational, it is still valuable to be attentive to project performance and, in the case of project ownership, to ensure timely service and repairs are occurring and that all warranty claims are properly managed.

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