The electrification of commercial vehicles continues to gain momentum as companies all around the world focus their attention on the benefits of electric power versus long established internal combustion engine (ICE) alternatives. Many segments are already well penetrated including forklifts, burden carriers, side-by-sides, and other utility-class vehicles whose use is typically confined to a manufacturing or commercial facility.

Reports on this page focus on providing an overview of the state of commercial vehicle electrification for two over-the-road (OTR) truck categories that cooperatives are likely to encounter in their service areas:

  • Class 3 – 6 medium duty vehicles
  • Class 7 – 8 heavy duty vehicles

NRECA has joined The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE). These reports are provided for the use of electric co-op staff. NACFE works to drive the development and adoption of efficiency enhancing, environmentally beneficial, and cost-effective technologies, services and methodologies in the North American freight industry. An unbiased and fuel agnostic organization, NACFE communicates the benefits, challenges and the payback of such actions summarizing the confidence fleets should have in adoption. The Council is an effort for fleets, manufacturers, vehicle builders and other government and nongovernmental organizations coming together to improve North American goods movements.

NACFE reports are made available for the use of electric co-op staff. They may not be shared outside of the cooperative.

NACFE GUIDANCE REPORTS (posted with permission from NACFE):