NRECA, in coordination with CFC and NRTC, has developed a Cooperative Technology Survey to help cooperatives understand what technologies are currently or soon to be installed by their peers, how they are used, and what vendors and options are most widely-used.

Data from the survey also helps NRECA, CFC and NRTC to target their research, development, financing, and consulting offerings to best meet the needs of cooperatives. To ensure the survey is as robust as possible, we encourage all cooperatives to participate. The survey will remain open for members to participate until July 1, 2022.

Receive Results at No Charge for Participating

A copy of the 2022 full survey results will be available at no charge to co-ops who fill out the survey. Cooperatives who do not fill out the survey will be able to buy the full results at a small cost, which is used to cover the expenses for survey development and response collection.

Preview of 2022 Survey Questions

Completing the Cooperative Technology Survey will likely require the input of co-op staff from different areas of the company. Use this preview document to review the survey questions and gather the information needed to respond before filling out the survey online. This will save time in filling out the survey and help ensure answers are as complete as possible.

Survey Questions for Preview

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