​​​​NRECA has partnered with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to assist with a new DOE-funded project that is a web-based solution to continuously monitor and detect distribution devices exposed to cyber threats to enable mitigation steps. The project is titled Mitigation of External-exposure of Energy Delivery Systems or MEEDS for short.

NRECA is looking for cooperatives who are willing to participate in an information assessment collection to help inform the software design for the proposed solution and improve the quality of tools that are aimed at empowering cooperatives to improve their cybersecurity resiliency. Participating in this effort showcases cooperatives' leadership in research that supports strengthening the electric grid and cyber-threat information sharing. Find out more in the following advisory:

Advisory: Contributor Opportunity for U.S. Department of Energy MEEDS (Mitigation of External-exposure of Energy Delivery System Equipment) Project