Customizable Communication Materials from Straight Talk

The following customizable materials come from NRECA's Straight Talk service, which provides graphics, articles and social media resources that electric cooperatives may personalize and then use in their print and digital member communications. Certain guidelines apply.


Additional Customizable Communication Materials

Below is additional content provided by NRECA and Touchstone Energy® to help co-ops promote their electric products and services (EVs, water heaters etc.) and help your members and the community understand the benefits of electricity as a preferred energy source. Content can be tailored to your co-op’s needs for inclusion in communication and outreach activities. See “at-a-glance” document for guidelines.

Key Messages and Hashtags

Three suggested messages ranked highest in Online Focus Group findings (Sept. 2020) and the first one was the highest in the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) consumer research. These messages and related hashtags will provide consistency across our network.
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Social Animations

Two short videos focus on appliances around the home and electric vehicles can be used in your digital newsletters and website and you can locally tag them. Currently the URL links to but can be changed if you have content on your website that provides information.
Around the Home

“Did You Know?” Infographic

This infographic has three categories of BE facts: save money, help the environment and improve quality of life. There is an opportunity to brand the infographic with your co-op logo or co-brand it with either NRECA or Touchstone Energy® (if you are a member.)
Infographic at-a-glance
Save Money design file
Help the Environment design file
Improve Quality of Life design file

“Did you know?” Social Media Series

These 12 templated posts complement the infographic series on your social media platforms. Images and content allow for local customization.
“Did you know?” Social media series at-a-glance
Thumbnail of images, suggested web page link and source where applicable.
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Save Money
There are four social posts with the theme of “save money.” Select a set with logos included or without logos.
Logos | No Logos

Help the Environment
There are four social posts with the theme of “help the environment.” Select a set with logos included or without logos.
Logos | No Logos

Improve Quality of Life
There are four social posts with the theme of “improve quality of life.” Select a set with logos included or without logos.
Logos | No Logos

The Benefits of Electricity 30-Minute Presentation for Consumer-Members
"The Greening of Electricity"
This PPT on the changing energy industry and the benefits of electricity is intended to be presented by a co-op representative at community meetings and gatherings. Complete with talking points, this presentation is customizable and can be tailored to the needs of the co-op.

EV Ideas and Checklist
Whether your co-op has a fleet or a single car, this EV Ideas and EV Essentials Check List can help your co-op maximize its EV (or EV fleet), raise awareness of EVs and promote understanding and adaption of EVs in your community. This resource is also intended to help you reinforce the co-op’s position as a trusted energy advisor on EVs.

"Go Electric!" Icon and PPT Template
Use this "Go Electric!" icon and PPT template for your co-op presentations. The "Go Electric!" icon can be used in presentations and co-op communications. There is a generic PPT template and one for Touchstone Energy® members. See the attached Style Guide for brand guidelines.
"Go Electric!" PPT template with "Go Electric" icon and colors.
"Go Electric!" Word template


Electric Transport Refrigeration Units (eTRU) Fact Sheet
To assist in a tailored assessment of the benefits at your operations, including simple payback period, an eTRU calculator is available at:

Touchstone Energy® Members

Tools to Help Members Save Money and Energy

Home Energy Adventure
A game that helps people identify ways save money and energy at home

Electric Vehicle Benefits
Electric vehicle fact sheets for co-op members

Electric Vehicles Campaign
This campaign offers advertising and messaging on electric vehicles. It includes video, print, social, out of home ads and informational fact sheets and case studies.

Public Opinion Research

Co-op Insights: Beneficial Electrification
This excerpt from Touchstone Energy® cooperative difference research focuses on member attitudes regarding beneficial electrification and how co-ops should talk about it.

Online Focus Group Findings
This presentation provides results from focus group research into member attitudes, opinions and knowledge related to beneficial electrification, including adoption of EVs.